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    • 16 - 17 Gennaio

      Festival of Saint Anthony the Abbot

      In the vicinity of the small church dedicated to the Saint, the Su Fogòne is prepared, a great bonfire of dry logs which burn for several days.

    • May

      Festa campestre di San Daniele

      The festival of Saint Daniel occurs on the third Sunday of May in his eponymous rural shrine.

    • August

      The events dedicated to Saint Ignatius of Laconi

      Saint Ignatius is probably the most venerated Sardinian saint on the island. The city of Laconi celebrates its devotion toward its most illustrious fellow citizen at different occasions and with different religious, cultural and identity events.

    • June

      The truffle festival

      The truffle festival was born in 2008 in order to promote the more delectable side of the area’s biodiversity, an asset which only Laconi and very few other Sardinian communities can boast of.

    • November


      Ocraxus is an event first conceived in 2016 by a group of citizens, now organized under the Ocraxus Association, with the intent of promoting the charm of the town of Laconi, a place rich in history, art, culture, tradition and natural beauty.