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  • The Funtanamela forest

    The Funtanamela state forest extends for 497 hectares to the border between the provinces of Oristano and Nuoro. The most common formation of the forest are woods of holm oak which, on the valley floor, associate with the black hornbeam, especially the Bau Onu and Sinisitze. Where the tree line begins to thin, this formation is replaced by the high scrub with a predominance of holm oaks and the presence of the lentisk, phillyrea, cistus, juniper, arbutus and Tymaelaea irsuta.

    Among the fauna present in the area, one finds the feral cat, the marten, the goshawk, the buzzard, the Sardinian garden dormouse and the Sarcidano horse. In 1998, the Sardinian deer was reintroduced to the forest. During your visit, don’t miss the 19th-century lime kilns or the numerous coal bunkers.

    Located near the service building, there are parking areas equipped with services for your sojourn. 
    For guided visits and excursions within the forest, please refer to the staff cabin or call the office of Su Lau at the number indicated for the Complesso Forestale Sarcidano.

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