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  • The Parish Church

    The parish church of Laconi is located in the oldest neighborhood of the town. 
    Dedicated to Saint Ambrose and Ignatius, it was constructed in the Gothic-Aragonese style during the second half of the 14th century and has been reworked several times since. The only features of the original structure still remaining are the quadruple barreled belltower, the belfry with four single-lancet windows, the cornices with small hanging arches and the cusped cupola. 

    The trachyte facade dates back to the 18th century. The upper region has a gable with five spires and a rectangular window. The lower region is characterized by a large rose window and a bronze gate with sacred scenes. The vault and the cupola were constructed in 1823 by Dean Francesco Cabras as testified by the epigraph set in the wall. 

    Inside the building, one can admire the baptismal font where Brother Ignatius was baptized as well as the chapel dedicated to him and decorated with mosaics by the maestro Angelo Gatto (1965-66). 
    In 1957, the church was entrusted to the Capuchin Brothers in perpetuity.