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    The small center of Laconi, with its 1,800 inhabitants, lies in the heart of Sarcidano. Decorated with the orange flag of the Touring Club of Italy and with its beautiful homes and cobblestones, the characteristics of the ancient village are conserved almost intact to this day.

    Here, every element tells a story. From the pre-historic monoliths to the dolmen architecture, from the ruins of the medieval castle to the 19th century wallpaper of the Palazzo Aymerich, everything speaks of a land rich in resources and culture. 

    Chosen since antiquity for the salubrity of its air and the beauty of its countryside, it boasts of a splendid park, the Aymerich Park, which envelops the town as it extends for over 22 wooded hectares. Inside of the park, pleasant paths and refreshing waterfalls accompany its visitors in search of picturesque vistas glimpsed through centuries-old trees, medieval ruins and exotic plants.

    Passing through the streets of the town center, one can reach the birthplace of Saint Ignatius of Laconi, humble alms-seeking friar and one of the most venerated of all Sardinians, or visit the museum of sacred art and the parish church, all stops along the devotional path dedicated to him. Nearby is the Palazzo Aymerich, an elegant, recently restored 19th century structure designed by the architect Cima and the former dwelling place of the marquises of Laconi. Today, it houses the Museum of the Statue-Menhirs, the largest exhibit of monoliths in Sardinia. 
    Typical dishes, local products and traditional desserts accompanied by quality wines all contribute to the appealing charm of a visit to Laconi. 


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