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  • The Devotional Path

    The Devotional Path of Saint Ignatius of Laconi, celebrating the figure of Ignatius not only as a Saint but also a man and historical personage of 18th century Sardinia, constitutes an important aspect of both identity and religious tourism downtown. It winds among the places marked as relevant to his life. 

    The first stop is his Place of Birth, followed by the Ignatius Center of Documentation (nearly completed) and the Exhibition Space, a place of prayer and discovery where the Saint’s relics will be exhibited. The path then crosses the Palazzo Aymerich and finishes in the plaza of the Parish Church, allowing the entrance to the Aymerich Park to be the ideal final stop.

    Accompanying the path are ten panels displaying scenes from the life of the Saint, beginning at the entrance to Via Sant’Ignazio and continuing along a route that allows one to both visit and discover not only the man but also his native town. The subjects depicted are by Giovanni Battista Conti, a 20th century painter. 
    The path opens with a poem by the poet Franciscu Lai from Laconi. The other panels display passages from biographies of the friar written by Francesco Sequi, Padre Giorgio da Riano, Padre Samuele da Chiaramonte e Remo Branca, as well as testimonies from the canonization process. 

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