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  • The truffle festival


    The truffle festival was born in 2008 in order to promote the more delectable side of the area’s biodiversity, an asset which only Laconi and very few other Sardinian communities can boast of.

    The event, financed by the Region of Sardinia and incorporated within the Stiddius de Oru network, is organized by the Proloco in collaboration with the city of Laconi and the LAORE Agency with the support of the FORESTAS Agency and of the associations and people of Laconi. Over the years, it has been constantly renewed, affirming itself as an enticement for both experts and those who are simply passionate and curious alike. For the occasion, Laconi puts on its best dress and opens its famous beauty to visitors. The historic center becomes a theater of artisanal and enogastronomic expositions dedicated to truffles and is encircled by roundtables, show cooking events, musical entertainment and cultural happenings.