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  • The events dedicated to Saint Ignatius of Laconi


    The events dedicated to Saint Ignatius of Laconi

    Saint Ignatius is probably the most venerated Sardinian saint on the island. The city of Laconi celebrates its devotion toward its most illustrious fellow citizen at different occasions and with different religious, cultural and identity events.

    May 11Liturgical FestivalAnniversary of the death of the Saint (May 11, 1781)

    The anniversary of the death of the Saint is one of Laconi’s most cherished commemorations. Beyond the religious celebration, the festival is an occasion for cultural and folkloristic events.

    August 29 – 31 – Festival of Saint Ignatius of Laconi

    The most significant festivities in honor of Saint Ignatius are held in the month of August.    For about a week and from every part of Sardinia and abroad, over 20,000 pilgrims come to Laconi in order to pray in at place of birth, request or give thanks for his intercession or visit the parish church. The religious rites follow each other continuously and without interruption. The evenings are enlivened by celebrations organized by the city administration: art shows including paintings, sculptures and photography; farmers markets with artisanal and agri-food products; tourist promotion initiatives; and guided visits to the most important archeological sites.

    The solemn procession takes place on August 31. The Saint’s relics, brought all the way from the church of Saint Ignatius in Cagliari, are carried through the streets of the town; thousands of the faithful participate, led by costumed knights, many folkloristic groups and confraternities.

    October - Anniversary of the Canonization of the Saint (October 21, 1951)

    For over ten years now, the anniversary of the Saint’s canonization, which occurred on October 21, 1951 in Rome, has been celebrated alongside the humble Saint’s other days of commemoration. In addition to religious ceremonies, this festival provides an opportunity for events related to traditions of Sardinian culture, such as polyphonic choir performances.

    December 17Anniversary of the birth of the Saint (December 17, 1701)

    The veneration of the Saint would not be complete without the anniversary of the birth of Brother Ignatius. Beyond religious ceremonies, the Associations of Laconi and its neighbors organize a small bonfire where the Saint’s place of birth is located.